Instructions for use Exodermin

Instructions for using the product Exodermin

Method of use, how to use the product

How to use Exodermin cream properly

Before applying the cream Exodermin, it is necessary to clean and dry the affected skin area and adjacent to it at a distance of 1 cm, as well as clean the defective nail area with clean scissors or a nail file.

Cream for fungi of all types Exodermin is used 2 times a day for 2-8 weeks for dermatomycosis and for 4 weeks for candidiasis and onychomycosis. If the symptoms are already earlier, you should continue therapy for another 2 weeks after that.

Contraindications and side signs

The manufacturer states that the cream sold in Hungary has no side effects and contraindications, except for sensitivity to its substance. But some ingredients need to be used with caution, not just because of personal intolerance. There is no documentary evidence of side effects identified.